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13 safety operation guide laser cutting machine

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laser cutting machineLaser cutting machine at work, if a fault occurs is very dangerous, the novice must go through professional training to operate independently

Experts from the laser engraving machine is summarized in details of 13 laser cutting machine safety work according to experience, our staff always adhere to

Abide by, the hope can to the use of laser cutting machine friends help, as follows:

1 in accordance with the general rules for safe operation of cutting machine. In strict accordance with the laser startup program start laser.
2 operators must receive training, be familiar with the structure, performance of the equipment, the knowledge about the operating system.
3 shall wear labor protection supplies, in the laser beam near must wear in accordance with the provisions of the protective glasses.
4 in did not make clear whether a material by laser irradiation or heating, not on its processing, potential risk in order to avoid smoke and steam
Insurance,the prospect of laser cutters for sale is very good.
5 equipment started operating personnel are not allowed to leave the post or a stay tube, such as the need to leave should be shut down or cut off the power switch.
6 fire extinguishers placed in readily accessible places; no processing to turn off the laser or optical gate; laser beam near don't in the unprotected
Place the paper, cloth or other flammable substances.
7 in the process when abnormal, should immediately stop, timely troubleshooting or reported to the supervisor.
8 keep lasers, bed and surrounding area clean, orderly, no pollution, the workpiece, sheet metal, waste according to provisions stacking.
9 the use of gas cylinders, should avoid to crush the welding wire, so as to avoid leakage accident. Use of gas cylinders, transport shall comply with the cylinders supervision regulations.
Process. Prohibit the cylinders in the sun or near sources of heat. Open the valve, the operator must stand on the side of the bottle mouth.
10 to comply with the safety rules repair when high pressure. Maintenance, every 40 hours of operation per week or every 1000 hours of operation or maintenance every six months, toIn accordance with the provisions and procedures,the prospect of laser cutting machine for sale is very good.
11 boot should be manual low X, Y direction moving machine, check to make sure any unusual circumstances.
12 for new workpiece program input, should first trial run, and to check its operation.13 to observe the operation of the machine tool, in order to avoid the laser cutting machine out of the effective range or two collision accident.

Laser cutting attention of different materials

Progress of laser cutting technology, application field is more and more widely, more and more application materials. However, different materials have different characteristics, the need for attention in the use of laser cutting is also different, according to reflect the customers and its processing concluded that experience. Now and share with you. Here is some material to explain.

1 structural steel

The material for oxygen cutting will get better results. When oxygen is used as working gas, cutting edge will be mild oxidation. For the plate thickness of 4mm, can be conducted with nitrogen as the working gas cutting. In this case, the cutting edge will not be oxidation. Sheet thickness above 10mm, the laser using a special plate and processing to the workpiece surface coating can obtain better effect.

2 stainless steel

Cutting stainless steel need: the use of oxygen, oxidation does not matter at the edge of the case; the use of nitrogen to obtain non oxidation without burr edge, you do not need to be treated. The surface of the plate coating film will get the better effect of the perforation, without reducing the quality of processing.

3 the aluminum metal

Despite the high reflectance and thermal conductivity, aluminum thickness below 6mm can be cut, depending on the type of alloy and laser power. When using oxygen cutting, cutting surface roughness and hard. With nitrogen, smooth cutting surface. Because of the high pure aluminum pure very difficult to cut, only when installing to cutting aluminum "reflection absorption" device in the system. Otherwise the reflection will damage the optical component.

4 titanium metal

Titanium plate with argon and nitrogen as the working gas cutting. Other parameters can refer to nickel chromium steel.

5 copper and brass

Two kinds of materials with high reflectivity and excellent thermal conductivity. Brass thickness below 1mm can use nitrogen gas cutting; less than the thickness of 2mm copper can be cut, oxygen must be processed gas. Only when installing to cut copper and brass "reflection absorption" device in the system. Otherwise the reflection will damage the optical component.

6 synthetic materials

Cutting synthetic material to keep in mind when cutting the risk and possible emissions of hazardous substances. Synthetic materials can be processed: thermoplastic, thermosetting material and synthetic rubber.

7 organic compounds

There is a danger of fire in all organic matter in (nitrogen is used as the process gas, also can use compressed air as working gas). Wood, leather, cardboard and paper can be used in laser cutting, cutting edge will burn (brown).

I hope everyone in the actual producing process more attention. Engage different materials and reasonable use of machine. To make the laser cutting machine to produce the greatest benefits,the prospect of laser cutter machine for sale is very good.

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