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What are the applications of fiber laser marking machine

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fiber laser marking machine

Efficiency of fiber laser marking machine is high, long service life, low cost (in the long run), do not need too much maintenance can be used better. It is not suitable for soft plastic products, marking the product easy to foam. It is widely used in metal, spraying materials, ABS, PVC, PES, engineering plastics, electroplating materials, coating materials, plastics and rubber, epoxy resin, ceramic, plastic materials such as marking machine.

Metal: common metal iron, alloy, copper, cadmium, aluminum, this type of application is hardware factory, electric appliance fittings factory or use the metal factory. Relatively rare metal with gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals, this kind of marking applications usually gold and silver processing.

Plastic: fiber laser marking machine can mark for most of plastic products, such as engineering plastics, plastics and rubber, epoxy resin, polymer clay, plastic, ABS, PES, PVC, application field is generally plastic factory, ruandao factory tyre factory plastic products or processing factory.

In addition, fiber laser marking machine can also be used for ceramic marking, the marking effect of beautiful, durable, eternal.

Fiber laser marking machine which applied in all walks of life:

1, fiber laser in industrial applications of industrial production requirements of high reliability, small size laser, quiet, easy manipulation. Fiber laser with its layout is compact, light conversion high efficiency, short preheating time, affected by factors of small, maintenance free and easy with fiber or by optical lens light guide system coupling strengths by the wide attention of people.

Now, the dominant position of fiber laser is gradually replacing the traditional laser marking, laser welding, laser cutting category in the laser. In marking category, because the fiber laser beam quality and has a high positioning accuracy, Nd:YAG pulse fiber laser marking system is replacing the subject is not high CO2 laser and xenon lamp pumped marking system; in Europe and America and the Japanese market, this instead of integrity range held, only in Japan, the demand for the monthly on the above 100. China as the world's largest manufacturing country, marking machine needs of the fiber laser is very huge, is expected to have over 2000 year demand. In laser welding and cutting category, along with the development of music and a few kilowatts kW fiber laser, fiber laser has also been applied. Previously, IPG reported, the German car company BMW purchase high power fiber lasers their used in door welding production line,the laser marking machine price is reasonable.

2.Application of in the fiber laser sensor

Compared to other light source, fiber laser is used as light source has many advantages. First of all, fiber laser, tunable, high effective rate and good stability, compact, light weight, convenient maintenance and good beam quality, excellent performance. Secondly, the fiber laser can be easily coupled with optical fiber, optical fiber device is fully compatible with existing, can hold all fiber test. Now, the optical fiber sensing tunable narrow linewidth fiber laser based on the category is one of the hottest application. The example of spectral linewidth fiber laser is very narrow, has a long relationship length, but also on the frequency held fast modulation. The narrow linewidth fiber laser is applied to distributed sensing system, can realize the long interval, the optical fiber sensing ultra high precision.

In USA and Europe, this sensing technique of tunable narrow linewidth fiber laser based on the widely applied to territories and tension monitoring, quiet way of kerosene / natural gas pipeline monitoring and underwater sonar detection and many other categories. China's estimated annual demand for this type of fiber laser is more than 100.

3.Application of fiber laser in communication.

Fiber laser compared to conventional laser system is compact, cooling, beam quality, volume and the existing system compatibility has remarkable advantage in structure, widely used in the field of communications.

Rare earth doped fiber as gain medium of the mode-locked fiber laser can generate high repetition rate, pulse width of picosecond or femtosecond ultrashort optical pulse, and the lasing wavelength was the best window in optical fiber communication of 1.55 μ M band, is an ideal light source for optical communication system in the future. At present, 10GHz and 40 GHz repetition rate mode-locked fiber laser has been developed. Once the communication network laying out of this type of lasers, the demand will be huge

4.Application of fiber laser in medical.

Now, for the clinical use of lasers are mostly argon ion laser, CO2 laser and YAG laser, but usually they beam quality is not high, has a very large volume of water cooling system, need huge, and installation and maintenance is very troublesome, and these are precisely the fiber laser can make up for the. Because there is an absorption peak of water molecules in the 2 μ m, can achieve rapid hemostatic 2 μ m fiber laser as a surgical operation, reduce operation on human tissue destruction. Ultrafast fiber lasers are now one of the most active research areas, it also has important applications in medical field. At present, the biomedical experts regarded it as the ultra precision surgical operation knife, used for vision correction operation, can reduce tissue injury and not leave sequela of operation, even moving precision operation of single cells or for gene therapy. People are studying how to dental treatment for femtosecond laser. In addition, the ultrashort pulse, medical researchers to study its application in medical imaging. With the in-depth study, used in optical fiber laser medical demand will also increase rapidl

5.Application of fiber laser in the military.

High power, high quality laser weapons have been studied military defensive and offensive weapons. High power fiber laser and its advantages in high brightness, small illuminated area, small volume and more attention. In addition, in the positioning, ranging, remote sensing, tracking and simulation and other fields, fiber laser is used as an effective tool also favored,the prospect of laser marking machine for sale is very good.

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